Candle Design story

Candle Design was founded in 2007 by Roman Ficek following the graduation from VŠVU ( AFAD – Academy of Fine Art and Design ) in Bratislava majoring in Product Design. During his studies he experimented with paraffin when his first design candle on the stem called „Candle Trio“ was created. Rising interest in this candle set the spark for establishing a small workshop where limited series production of the candle was launched. Gradual growth of our know-how in materials and production technology helped to expand the range of products offered. For the production of candles we use quality paraffin, wax mixtures and natural materials that are ecological and are sourced from renewable resources and thus are environmentaly friendly. The technology of Candle Design production is from mold preparation to packing a fully handmade work. We do our best to follow the technology of the craft and transform it into products with a contemporary take on design and function of a candle. Our aim is to build a brand Candle Design that will be well-known not just by its design but also by quality of the candles. Our priority is the satisfaction of the customer with our products and that is why we exert a constant effort to offer only quality and original candles.