Candles from Candle Design

Design candles

Design candles are our product of origin which distinguishes us from the competition producers. These original candles gave rise to the brand of Candle Design. Candles are elaborated to the smallest details which turns them into a true wax jewel. Our candles of original design and form are produced by employing a traditional mold casting. This type of candles is produced mainly of paraffin which makes its unique form stand out.

Natural Candles

Candles of natural waxes are our next product. Since the foundation of our company the aim has been to produce quality candles and that is why the material choice is a priority for us. These candles attract attention by its look and a broad variety of pleasant scents offered. Our interest in natural materials is profound as the waxes belong to renewable resources, they are ecological and thus more friendly to us and our environment. At the same time we choose materials that enrich our portfolio as new interesting pieces.

Floating Candles

Sensational connection of two elements fire and water with a piece of wax peacefully floating on the water infuses the candle with a unique atmosphere full of expectation about its curious journey. Floating candles are exceptional in its spectacle of reflections of flickering flames on the water. The story of a floating candle has fascinated us to such an extent that we decided to create a candle design presenting the amazing spectacle in a bit more untraditional and emotional way.