Design candles

The first design candle gave rise to the series of „Candle Trio“ and generated the brand of Candle Design. At first it was produced only in limited series and in the course of time the portfolio was extended by other original candles. These unique products create an image that makes us clearly stand out from the candle producer competition. Also this design line of candles is handmade by a traditional technology of mold casting by which we try to preserve the traditional craft. For the production of candles we have utilized mainly parrafin, a matter of ideal characteristics and look. Parrafin by its translucency, purity and homogeneity reminds of plastic - more than a conscious choice for material of the candle. Thanks to these qualities of parrafin the more intricate details, the colouring and shape of the candle stand out which makes it a wax work of art. These candles fulfill more of a decorative role than a pragmatic one. High esthetic value predestines these candles for interior decoration or for a gift. Our design candles are not just simple casts. Each one of them reveals a story and inspiration from the present or the past.

Collection of design candles