Candle Trio

Candle Trio presents the first wax design giving rise to the brand of Candle Design. Candle Trio is a collection of three candles „ Elite, Elegance, Exclusive“ differentiated by the design of the stem serving as a candle stick at the same time. All the three candles of the collection fuse the forms of a simple candle with the form of a wine glass stem. The entire form of the candle is a wax cast which makes it stand out and attract the eye. The elegance and perfection in the smallest detail characterizes the collection Candle Trio. The ideal of form is not complete without a technicality regarding burning. The candle while burning does not spill and burns with a constant flame all the way down to the stem where it puts itself out. Candles are handmade and are produced by a traditional mold casting method.

material: candle wax
colour: black, red, white
dimensions: 60 x 250mm
net weight: 80g
burn time: approx. 8 hours

Collection of design candles