Candle Woody

Nowadays there are plentiful material replacements and imitations available and that is why we reflect on that with our Woody candle. Woody is a parrafin candle wiith natural design ( with texture of split wood ) and an attractive homogenous color. With this candle we played with the idea of opposites. Parrafin as a material reminding of plastic, homogenous, smooth, translucent, constant on one hand and on the other nature always authentic, unique never repeating itself. The candle Woody brings to our homes an original design inspired by nature in a recurring form. Wood log is primarily considered a fuel consumed and burnt by fire, and the same fate awaits a candle after we light it up.

material: candle wax
colour: grey, yellow, blue
dimensions: 60 x 60 x 290mm
net weight: 500g
burn time: approx. 63 hours

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